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Evening At Tony's

     The tables are set, the candles lit, and the doors unlocked. It’s a cold Saturday night in November. Escape the rain, come inside and meet our maître d’. Come mingle with the staff and several of our patrons. Have a seat, order a glass of wine and consume some of our delicious food. Relax, and you might overhear some fascinating conversations. But best of all, like most people, just enjoy your evening at Tony’s.

The Viking Ship
Cave Drawings

     In this collection of essays, we see Scott as a toddler whose fascination with birds lasted throughout his adulthood as an amazing visual artist, a beloved teacher, a loving husband and father.

     We share the journey of mother and son during his illness and follow Barbara's struggle to rebuild her life after his death.

Cave Drawings
Cave Drawings

     Barbara Ann Carle's son Scott was thirty-five when he lost his battle with cancer. Cave Drawings is a collection of poems about his life, illness and Barbara's struggle to rebuild her life after his death.

Short Stories

The Red Shoes by Essayist and Poet Barbara Ann Carle

From the Reference Desk ; Local Arts and Programs at Friendswood Public Library

Shots Fired by Barbara Ann Carle

Rattle #37, Summer 2012  Tribute to Law Enforcement Poets
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